A Family Farm Since 1910
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow hunting on your land?
We Do Not allow hunting of any kind by non-immediate family members anywhere on the property. This policy has been in place for years, and is unlikely to change any time in the near future.

Furthermore, we will prosecute trespassers to the fullest extent of the law.  The reason behind our stance is largely because of the natural gas pipeline valve station that is above ground at the Northeast corner of the property.  A stray bullet could either puncture or weaken the exposed portion of the pipeline, which would result in a fuel-air explosion that could cause severe injury or death to anyone within the blast radius.  We take this threat very seriously.

Do you allow the harvesting of wood from your land?
No, we manage our own woodlot, and use the wood for our own purposes. This also includes the trees that are near the borders of our property.  Many of our forest products are used in our wood-burning stove. If you are interested in lumber or firewood, there are plenty of suppliers in the Edgerton area that would be pleased to help you.

Who are the Witts?
The Witt Farm is inhabited by Glen and Lenore Witt. Their son Adam is currently attending law school, but returns to the farm often.

How long has the Witt Family lived on the farm?

The Witt Family aquired the farm on the corner of Pomeroy and Dallman Road in 1910. This farm was purchased by Herman R. Witt for his family.

When was the house built?

The construction of the House at the Witt Farm was completed in 1914. This late victorian era/early arts & crafts era home was built and designed by Herman R. Witt and his relatives.

How many Generations have lived on the farm?
As of now, there have been four generations of Witts that have lived on the Witt Farm.
They are:
Herman R. Witt and his wife,
Herman C.T. Witt and his wife Thelma Witt
Glen A. Witt and his wife L. Lenore Witt
Adam Witt